5 Hot Tips For Camming Success — Killing It As A Cam Girl

Making a life on camera may appear simple, but when your income is contingent on your audience’s mood, it is anything but. You can’t request everyone all of the time, but if you want a good payoff, you should aim to please the majority. It’s also a very competitive industry, so having that extra something is a must if you want to succeed. DON’T feel like a small fish in a large pond! There are many unique ways to engage your audience, and we’ve produced a list of our five favorites.

Dress for Success – This may sound counterintuitive given that your viewers are waiting for you to UNdress, but hear me out – they’re there for an experience, not simply for fleeting pleasures. Turn your presentation into artwork to gift them one. That means you should pay attention to your look, the setting, and the substance. Sloppy shows may work for a time, but you get what you pay for, so make sure you’re providing your followers something worth purchasing.

Tell a Story – In the same line, ensure your vision of your day isn’t too realistic when you allow people to peek into your day. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from actual life, but make sure you add some fiction to the mix. Everyone enjoys a good tale, so make sure you’re providing excellent material that revolves around one.

(Food, that is) eat on Cam — Going out to eat is a popular option for dates and hanging out with old friends because it is a bonding event. It’s one of the simplest methods to create an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere for your viewers–it’ll offer them a sense of familiarity and trust, making them even more receptive to what you’re selling.

Be Vulnerable: It’s a fact that vulnerability sells. And, let’s face it, being on camera already makes you vulnerable, so try to let your emotions reflect your material. Exposure on camera equals HUMANITY, which means more people will relate to you (and earn more money). Consider all of the influencers out there, and the ones who are truly selling are the ones who appear to be the most accessible, attainable, and authentic. Putting your true self out there for your audience can help them see you as more than just entertainment, which will lead to a higher payoff.

Talk (and don’t talk) – Just as connecting with your followers is important for learning what they like and what you should do more, going nonverbal may be fun. During a performance, avoid giving lip service and take some time to make silent direct eye contact with the camera (i.e., your fans). Use this to your advantage and enjoy a minute of silence.