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How to Get Started As a Cam Girl?

Okay, look! Men, girls, trans models and other people; Like so many sites on the web we won’t mislead you into believing being a star cam girl at cherry and raving in cash will happen overnight. Other than that let me put it down for you.

The fact is most camgirls will end up making less than minimum wage. Yes, I said it and that fact is true.

See here’s the problem. Women who are successful in business regardless of whether it’s stripping or being a nude model, those same women are most apt to be successful as camgirls.

Here’s what it’s all about strategy, focus, and personal discipline. Just like everything else in life the harder it is for you to work the more successful you are right to have. I forget who said this but luck really is the dividend of hard work, and the harder you work the luckier you get.

I also have to be brutally honest and say that if you’re really ugly you’re really overweight, or hairier than an ape; and you will probably need to narrow them down and use your weaknesses as strengths; market yourself in a smart way and you can reap the benefits or earn bucks.

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